radiation counter, geiger counter RadRate basic

A distinction between conventional Geiger counters with Geiger-Muller counter tube and the modern radiation measurement devices with semiconductor detectors. Semiconductor detectors ("semiconductors") are both in the high-energy as well as for use in nuclear physics. The advantages of semiconductor detectors compared to other detectors are:

  • Energy measurement: Determination of the energy of the incident radiation, for which a Geiger-Müller counter is not able to.
  • Gamma Spectroscopy: the high precision measurement of the energy of photons.
  • Track and Vertex Detectors: high-precision measurement of particle tracks.
  • Reduced manufacturing costs: manufacturing processes from the micro-chip technology, could be taken almost 1:1.
  • Virtually unlimited service life. A Geiger Mueller counting tube ages with each measured decay is consumed by the quenching gas.
  • No high operating voltage of about 100V is required.


Geiger Counter RadRate basic Features:

  • immediately after switching on can be measured!
  • A battery charge lasts for about 220 hours!
  • the output is acoustically (crackle) and visual (LED)
  • the unit contains a counter
  • Display is about: 48mmx24mm
  • Weight 160g with battery

When you buy our radiation meter RadRate basic, you get a uranium glass test emitters included! Uranium glass is a special glass which is easily depleted uranium (the uranium content can be very different, mostly it is about 1 to 2%). It is characterized by its slightly radioactive uranium content.

Note: Uranium glass beads are indeed safe for humans, but should not be mechanically acting on them to prevent dust and debris. Small particles could enter through the mouth and nose into the body and cause damage there.